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50 Packaging Design for Inspiration

Packaging has enormous power over what we buy. Most of time packaging express what the product is, but sometimes eye-cathing colorful package or package with some extraordinary idea can become as important as merchandise itself. Тo wonder its said that a gift is known by its package. So today I`ll provide a showcase of amazing package designs for your own inspiration.

1. Beijing Buffet Fortunes. Each animal represents one of the twelve parts of the Chinese Zodiac.Beijing Buffet Fortunes

2. The Squeeze BoxThe Squeeze Box

3. Grain Creative TeaGrain Creative Tea

4. Design concept for Remendy, a hair care product based on antioxidants and vitamins called Smart Hair Mask.Design concept for Remendy

5. Noo-Del is a playful and simple packaging that will stand out on the shelves.Noo-Del

6. BillegasBillegas

7. Green Beans CoffeeGreen Beans Coffee

8. Here! Sod Air AsiaHere! Sod Air Asia

9. VillarsVillars

10. The Gift of LifeThe Gift of Life

11. Gubble BumGubble Bum

12. Jooze is a fictional company that manufactures fresh fruit juicesJooze

13. Omega3 KidsOmega3 Kids

14. Trexi seriesTrexi series

15. Thank you gift.thank you gift.

16. Sneaker Tissue BoxSneaker Tissue Box

17. StemieStemie

18. BorinotsBorinots

19. A limited edition box to commemorate its 50th anniversaryA limited edition box

20. CSA Design Watch CollectionCSA Design Watch Collection

21. Soso SaltsSoso Salts

22. Dino BiteDino Bite

23. A limited-edition packaging design for a t-shirt, packaged in a giant fortune cookiepackaging design for a t-shirt

24. A conceptual package inspired by the book Clockwork OrangeA conceptual package

25. TK Food’s pineapple pastry TK Food’s pineapple pastry

26. Herokid Magic BoxHerokid Magic Box

27. Lee Never WastedLee Never Wasted

28. Magnetic dress-up puppetmagnetic dress-up puppet

29. Nike LT Quick StrikeNike LT Quick Strike

30. Sneaker/Shoe Model No.1Sneaker/Shoe Model No.1

31. Hafele Sample BoxHafele Sample Box

32. Wedding InvitationWedding Invitation

33. Nestlé EasterNestlé Easter

34. M&S BiscuitsM&S Biscuits

35. Packaging created for the Stereo Earphones HeadphonesPackaging created for the Stereo Earphones Headphones

36. Rubén Álvarez YogurtRubén Álvarez Yogurt

37. Crumpled CityCrumpled City

38. Penhaligon’s Christmas Gift CollectionPenhaligon’s Christmas Gift Collection

39. Cube Pour HommeCube Pour Homme

40. Boutique SpicesBoutique Spices

41. GatoradeGatorade

42. Ghostly Urns For AshesGhostly Urns For Ashes

43. Soy MamelleSoy Mamelle

44. The objective was to redesign Hustler’s identity and packaging.Hustler’s identity


46. Black Market GoodsBlack Market Goods

47. ColierColier

48. Veuve Clicquot FridgeVeuve Clicquot Fridge

49. Amarone BottegaAmarone Bottega

50. Packaging design and re branding for the Mug PubMug Pub

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